Rosa Barba with Ulrike Molsen

Panzano, 2000
22min, 16mm transferred to video, color

In „Panzano“, made with Ulrike Molsen, a group of older people, living in an impoverished, rural home, are observed (and orchestrated). They act out a series of oblique characters, speaking isolated sentences of personal melodrama, in a fiction of their own making.

The inner landscapes are carried by the protagonists. This community is separated from its original context and placed into a new setting to reveal unexplored aspects of its existence. The protagonists are asked to play their desired imagination of „what kind of formation they would like to be“. These authentic persons are not actors and merge their real life experiences with the fiction and thus add new their own perspectives and interpretations. They act like a own voice by giving a comment to a minor space in society.

Though constructed around the patients’ need for home and belonging, Panzano also explores how each character inhabits the home given to them by the premise of the film.